Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dreams do (sort of) come true...

It's 1976. My neighbor Dave is the coolest kid I know. He's 9, plays drums, has a cooler bike, and gets to go to the KISS concert while my parents tell me I am too young to go. My bond with KISS grows stronger as I begin to wear disguises around town to hide my shame. Someday I shall make it to a KISS concert.

Years go by and I still have yet to attend a KISS concert. I am more mature now and, like KISS, no longer rely on masks. It is 1999 and I actually get to meet Gene Simmons - sort of. It's really this guy named Joe who is part of Dressed to Kill - a KISS tribute band.

Well here it is 10 years later and I am back behind the mask! I still haven't made it to my first KISS concert, but I do get to design KISS trading cards!!! Thanks Press Pass!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sonic Boom and KISS Tour Edition!

So by now most everyone knows that Kiss’ new album “Sonic Boom” releases on October 6 and will be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart. What you may not know is that Press Pass has a companion product that will be sold alongside the CD/DVD…

Kiss “Tour Edition” is a 33-card set with lots of bonus goodies (three collectible boxes and posters!) culled from 35 years of Kiss tours. Full of vintage photography as well as set lists and insider info from the tours, this exclusive set is one retrospective every Kiss fan will want. Attractively priced at $10 it will be a nice compliment to “Sonic Boom.”

The Kiss boys announced their U.S. tour plans this week. All stops were voted on by loyal members of the Kiss Army. They will be near our office on October 17th and we’ll be in the house!

And can you believe that Gene Simmons just turned 60?! Wow….

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Top Three's

With me being in sales during my 7+ year tenure at Press Pass Inc, my position has required me to travel across the U.S. to meet with existing customers, search for new business and to attend various tradeshows. Like anything there are pluses and minuses to traveling. On the plus side, I have been lucky enough to experience many different cities, restaurants and sporting events. On the downside, I have spent time away from my wife and my kids.

Let’s concentrate on the positive side and with that, I thought it might be interesting to share some of my favorite things from the road. Since everybody usually loves lists, I have compiled various “Top Three” lists ranging from favorite places to random thoughts.

Top Three BBQ Joints

1. Arthur Bryant’s-Kansas City: could eat there all day, be careful going at night

2. Charles Vergos’ Rendevous-Memphis: best dry ribs, don’t go on Monday

3. Fiorella’s Jack Stack-Kansas City: great burnt ends and brisket

Top Three Burger Places

  1. In-N-Out Burger-West Coast-nothing comes close
  2. Whataburger-South (but not in NC): please come to NC
  3. Five Guys-East Coast: share an order of fries

Top Three Places I Want to Go

  1. San Francisco-airport doesn’t count: great food in the airport though
  2. Denver-see San Francisco
  3. Milwaukee-just because

Top Three Underrated Places

  1. Kansas City: obviously great BBQ, casinos, fountains, NFL, MLB and NASCAR, + two states
  2. Columbus, OH: great arena and happening downtown area
  3. Anywhere in West Virginia: Wild & Wonderful

Top Three (Four) Annoying Airline Passengers

  1. The passenger that sits behind you and tells a stranger his/her life story so loud that even your IPOD can’t block out the conversation.
  2. The passenger that snores (although sometimes that person is me).
  3. The passenger that insists his/her carry-on will fit in the overhead compartment.
  4. The passenger that chooses the Bloody Mary mix to drink, without the alcohol.

Top Three Random Airline Thoughts

  1. The only time I drink Ginger Ale is on a plane.
  2. The few times that I attempt to work the crossword puzzle in the complimentary airline magazine; it’s always completed by a previous passenger.
  3. I never sit in row 13.

I’m off again in September to exotic places such as Indiana, Arkansas and Minnesota. Thanks for reading and for putting up with my drivel.