Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VIP Gift Bag #1: Tony Stewart

And the winner is...drum roll please:

Patrick Neeley of Goshen, IN.

Congratulations! Stay tuned each week as we reveal the winner of each VIP Gift Bag.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sad as it is for all us true NASCAR fans, what has been an exciting season of Toyota domination, MANY back flips by Carl Edwards (I'm dizzy just thinking about them) and three close series points battles, the 2008 NASCAR season has come to an end. What better place for it to come to an end than with the final races being held at Homestead-Miami Speedway where the weather was hot, sleep was NOT an option and the hunger to win championships caused many a stomach to rumble.

I myself never thought that the #3 would again play such a role in the world of NASCAR after Earnhardt was taken from us back in '01. But leave it to a guy like Jimmie Johnson to change that. Having worked with Jimmie during our annual Press Pass photoshoot during Daytona Speedweeks and having the opportunity to chit chat with him between the clicks of the camera, I realized from that exact moment why he was by far one of the greatest drivers in the industry today. Not only does he have the mad skills to win big at his job, he has a great attitude towards life and a genuine heart that ties the entire package together. I'm not a band wagon type of girl-I've known JJ was a bad a&* driver for sometime, but to be that cool-well it only made me more of a supporter to Jimmie and his Team Lowe's members.

Good driving skills, fast engines, and record pit-stops no doubt will get you to the front of the field, but it is the confidence JJ and his team have in each other as friends, family, and teammates that empowers them to win.

After winning his third championship this past weekend Jimmie stated: "I could go race again next week and start the season and go for four ... It's on our minds. It's not that we're chasing a number, we just know what we're capable of. We know we can do better. It's a search to do the best we can".

Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and Team Lowe's on their 3-peat!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Legends Racing Contest Winners

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Steeler Nation in the Nation's Capitol

Last Monday I was in Washington, DC on business with a couple of Press Pass colleagues and was fortunate enough to score some prime location tickets to the Monday night Steelers-Redskins matchup at FedEx Field. Aside from the great seats, there were many things that stood out about this game vs. other games I've attended over the years. The Monday Night Football atmosphere was great, We arrived early to avoid traffic, tailgate, and watch the players warm-up. Several times over the course of the 90 minutes of warm-ups, the classic old-school MNF theme blared over the top notch sound system---awesome. A Redskin player played catch with people in the stands for a solid 15 minutes. Throwing to the first row to 20 rows up; it was a fun atmposhere. The enormity of the 92,000 seat stadium also stood out. It sells out every game and the waiting list for season tickets is long beyond belief. The 'Skins could probably sell out a 150,000 seat stadium!

However, the thing that stood out the most to me was the amount of Steeler fans present. There were Steeler jerseys all over---from Franco Harris to Troy Polamalu to Big Ben. I know that the Steelers are perennially one of the top selling teams in terms of NFL merchandise. Each year at www.presspassinc.com we sell more Steeler diecast than any other team. This fact was reinforced by what I saw at FedEx Field. During the player introductions and throughout the game, the infamous gold "Terrible Towels" were everywhere! At times you had to wonder if you were in DC or Pittsburgh, I think quite a few of the Redskin season ticket holders made some large cash selling their Monday night tix to members of the Steeler Nation. While the majority of fans were rooting for the hometown Redskins, I bet a solid 25-30% were cheering on the Steelers. The fact that the Steeler fans had a lot more to cheer about in the 23-6 victory made their presence seem even larger. If the Steelers come to vist your stadium, prepare to cheer extra loud for your team (or make a bundle selling your tickets!).