Monday, December 29, 2008

VIP Gift Bag #6: Kasey Kahne

And the winner is...

Joe Hoptowit of Toppenish, WA.

Congrats Joe!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

VIP Gift Bag #5: Jimmie Johnson

And the winner is:

Bob Schneeman of Abingdon, MD.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

VIP Gift Bag #4: Kevin Harvick

And the winner is:

Adam Miller of King City, OR.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coin Collecting

I’m a numismatist – coin collector. I’ve been in and out of the hobby over the years; each time I’ve given it up, I’ve managed to show a reasonable profit but just couldn’t stay away from it for long.

I automatically look closely at the coins and bank notes that I receive in change. I actually received a 1954 proof nickel in change from a soft drink machine at work; sadly it had picked up a few scratches along the way and a $20.00 coin is now worth at best $1.00
So what is it that is so addictive about coins; what captivates a person and draws them into this fascinating hobby? In my case it’s the beauty and history of a coin or bank note.

For example, the 2001 American Buffalo Commemorative Coin, which is based on the original Buffalo Nickel, is a magnificent 1.5 inch diameter silver coin. I remember saving three months to purchase one.
Other people are drawn to the hobby for different reasons; I know a coin dealer who got involved because he wanted to own a coin that had circulated when Jesus was alive. Now he owns his own ancient coin business. It is an awesome feeling to hold a coin in your hand that is over 2,000 years old and wonder whose hands it had passed through on its journey to yours? Perhaps those of Jesus - you never know!
People often ask how can I afford to collect coins and bank notes – my response is fairly simple – my hobby is self financing and it saves me money, no pun intended.
Remember a coin has different values; its face value, its metal value and its collectable value.
Example - the 1927 gold Quarter Eagle -
Face value $2.50
Metal value $150.00 (depending on spot gold price)
Collectable value $225.00 - $1,500 (depending on condition)

The above 1927 $2.50 gold Quarter Eagle is worth $2.50 as a US coin – but – as we are no longer on the ‘Gold Standard’, the metal value has soared as has its collectable value.

Happy collecting – whatever it may be!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

VIP Gift Bag #3: Carl Edwards

And the winner is...

Paul Cantine of Santa Ana, California.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Go Wolfpack!

Everyone has their favorites. For some it is Dale Jr. For others it is Troy Aikman. For a few it is the Boston Red Sox. But for me nothing can come close to North Carolina State University football!

I remember the moment that I was hooked. My sister attended NCSU from 1992-1996. But it was two years after she graduated when I realized that it was always going to be the Red and White for me. It was Sept. 12th 1998. I was thirteen years old and a freshman in high school. My family had season tickets since 1993 and no matter what was going on even if it was pouring down rain if there was a game we were there. It was a Thursday night and I was sitting on the grass behind the goal posts. I watched wide-eyed as NCSU made history and defeated Florida State. It was the first time that Florida State had lost since joining the ACC.

I don’t remember the final score or who the play makers of the game were or who the coach of NCSU was at the time, but I do remember that feeling. It is something to watch your team win a huge game.

I am very proud of my Wolfpack because this year they went from being considered possibly the worst team in the ACC to being Bowl Eligible. While I got to experience that historical win sadly I’ve never been to a bowl game. I’ve watched my fair share of them on television like the Orange Bowl back on January 1, 2003. I would have given anything to see Philip Rivers beat Notre Dame. I can’t image what that experience would have been like.

So to all you hopefuls out there with your fingers crossed that your team (cough…Florida…cough) make the big game I hope that you get to experience the glory that is college bowl games whether it be on the television or in person. I hope to some day see NCSU win the big game.

Go Wolfpack!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

VIP Gift Bag #2: Martin Truex Jr.

And the winner is...

Eric Wiegelman of Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Congratulations! Stay tuned each week as we reveal the winner of each VIP Gift Bag.