Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Press Pass Goes Nuts With Dale Jr.

Just how close can Press Pass bring you to Dale Jr.? Very few things are as vital to getting the #88 around the racetrack as a lug nut. At 200 mph it clings tightly to make sure the wheels don’t fly off. So, when it comes to bringing you a piece of the action, lug nuts are about as close as you can get!

In the highly anticipated inaugural release of Wheels Main Event, Press Pass is excited to announce the inclusion of a limited number of Dale Earnhardt Jr. lug nut cards. Joining an already stellar Stop & Go Swatches memorabilia roster that includes the first-ever pit wall banner, pit stacker, and wheel cover cards, these Stop & Go Swatches Lug Nut cards are the ultimate way for Dale Jr collectors to get a piece of the action.

Wheels Main Event is Press Pass’ first poker-themed NASCAR set. Each 20-pack hobby box will contain one authentic NASCAR autograph and two memorabilia cards. As a bonus, also look for randomly inserted autographs from professional poker stars. Wheels Main Event releases September 30, 2009.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

These smiles are what collecting is all about

Meet Eric and Nicole.

Having just attended the 2009 National Sports Collector’s Convention, we were fortunate enough to see tons of these smiles. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to meet some of our collectors – to have those face-to-face discussions and really get to know our collectors.

Collecting is a hobby that millions of people are so passionate about and when I see a family collecting together like Eric and Nicole, or those families I met at the National, I smile just as big as Nicole pulling her Kyle Busch triple memorabilia card. It’s amazing to watch a hobby that began in the 1800’s being passed down and continue to the next generation of children today.

Monday, August 3, 2009

First Ever VIP Logo Edition Cards!

Check out a sneak peak of the Get A Grip and Lead Foot Logo Edition memorabilia cards that are included in the August release of VIP 2009. Each driver on the roster has an oversized glove or shoe patch featuring the manufacturer logo. All Logo Edition cards are sequentially numbered to five.

Lead Foot Logo Edition
Carl Edwards (Simpson logo)
Jimmie Johnson (Alpinestars logo)
Kevin Harvick (Puma logo)
Kyle Busch (Alpinestars logo)
Joey Logano (Sparco logo)

Get A Grip Logo Edition
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Adidas logo)
Jimmie Johnson (Alpinestars logo)
Kevin Harvick (Puma logo)
Kyle Busch (Alpinestars logo)
Kasey Kahne (Allstate logo)