Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nascar, take a right

As many of you diehard or casual Nascar fans may know, the three national series are filled with cookie cutter ovals of varying length. We even see multiple visits to the same tracks, many of which are nearly the same configuration like Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. While I love watching the races each weekend, even I wonder why so many keep watching when most of the tracks are so similar. Sure you have a couple road courses thrown in here and there(2 out of 36 events), but the vast majority are cookie cutter mile-and-a-halfs. To top it all off, Nascar runs all of these ovals in a counter clockwise direction.

My solution: let's run some of these tracks in a clockwise direction to mix things up. Just think about it, most of the drivers are engrained with turning left. I think at least for a few of the drivers that making right turns around these tracks would be somewhat of a challenge. In addition, the car itself is setup specifically to make better time through a left turn.
Having to go around the track in the opposite direction would not only be a challenge for the driver, but for the pit crew and team as well. Setting up the car would be totally different and making a pit stop could be quite interesting.

While I am sure Nascar will continue running the same direction for years to come, they could very easily run a Nationwide or Truck race clockwise as a test platform for the Sprint Cup. So come on Nascar, take a right!


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TheXsRacer said...

AMEN to that....They could take the tracks that have 2 races and run one in reverse, and why not add some New Road Courses, Road Atlanta for instance....Or The Daytona 24 hr course.