Monday, September 15, 2008

Bowl Me Over….

In terms of fitness and athletic prowess, one of the most popular sports in America—bowling—pales in comparison to the superhuman feats of the “ultramarathoners” referenced in Aaron’s recent blog below. However, I’m sure we bowlers have more fun (and less chafing!). As another bowling season starts up, it’s time to not just set records of mediocrity--and hopefully roll the elusive 200 game!--but to also bond with neighbors and friends seldom seen in the “off season.”

While pitchers of your favorite cold beverage are the usual backdrop to league night, the most common bond at the alley, a bond that runs thru the fabric of America, is sports. Sports are on the numerous TV monitors and big screens. Sports are also on the minds of bowlers of every size and shape. Bowlers often don the attire of their favorite team or school on bowling night—particularly if they’re on the big screen that evening.

From Saturday college football games to speculation on how the new rookies will impact their NFL teams to the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup to the MLB pennant races, it's easy to find that common ground. When the conversations with new acquaintances move towards “where do you work?” it’s fun to see most people light up when I tell them I market “trading cards and sports licensed diecast vehicles.” It’s a fun product line/hobby that people can relate to, and a hobby that helps feed a fan’s passion for sports and gets them a little closer to the athletes and teams they cheer on.

So head on out to the alley and strike up a conversation (sorry, couldn’t resist).


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