Monday, October 27, 2008

A few more suggestions for NASCAR…

Not that they are listening. Is anyone else sick of seeing qualifying for Sprint Cup races rained out? I know I am and I’m sure the fans at the track for the weekend are even more so. That was the story this past weekend at Atlanta once again. According to Jayski, this was the 10th qualifying rain out of the year out of 33 races. 30% are you kidding me? Of course when this happens, they line up by points which obviously translates into a major gift for those near the top of the standings. Of those 10 races, every winner had a starting position inside the top 10. I can understand if it rains for two or three days straight, but they could have easily qualified on Saturday this past weekend. If they did this, Joey Logano may already have his first Sprint Cup win by now.

While we’re on the subject of qualifying, please let’s get rid of this “top 35 make the race regardless of how slow they qualify” rule. Make every competitor qualify on speed. If someone crashes on their qualifying run, allow them a second lap with a backup car.

On another note, I think it would be interesting to see fewer tires used during the race similar to Nationwide. If there was a rule allowing only a certain amount of tire sets per team for the race, this would allow much more strategy and give teams with lesser funding more of a fighting chance. Say for instance they have a 300 lap race and the tires last 50-60 laps. Allow each team 7 sets of tires maximum for the race. This will keep the big money teams from going to new tires if there are cautions every 20-30 laps. It will force them to think about no tires or two tire stops versus always coming in for four tires.

My two cents…feel free to post your comments!

PS – lots of great comments posted about the Legends blog/contest below. However, many of you posted without leaving any type of contact information either in your profile or your post. It’s time to pick some winners so if you could please update your profile with an email, phone, or other method of contact! Thanks

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