Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Perfect Saturday

This past weekend featured the perfect Saturday. It was pouring rain (and would continue to do so all day long) when I headed out to the gym bright and early for my daily workout. But I didn’t linger around when I was finished because I had a better place to be on this rainy Saturday. Where you ask? There was a trading card show in our town this past weekend and I couldn’t wait to get there…

I showed up armed with my various lists of cards needed to finish sets I was working on. Everything from my 1965 Topps Baseball set, to singles of my favorite team (NY Yankees) and odd ball stuff in between…The show provided the perfect sanctuary from the deluge outside. As I walked the floor my spirit was restored as I remembered exactly why I love this hobby so much. Despite the fact that this was a relatively small regional show there still were all kinds of things to check out. Graded packs caught my eye immediately…I couldn’t remember the last time I saw an unopened pack of McHale’s Navy cards but I had some of those cards as a very young kid…

My buddy and co-worker Tom Farrell is one of my favorite people to attend a show with. The dude finds the craziest stuff on the floor. And the best part is his “presentation” of the most unique cards he has found. Tom loves to collect “world leader” and “explorer” cards. His big find this weekend was a 1952 Leif Ericson card. Not to be mistaken for Leif Garrett mind you... TF also scored a sweet 1969 Tom Day Topps football card which is quite simply a photo of a guy who seems happy with his place in life at that time. Not to mention he was a San Diego Super Charger and is wearing the sweet powder blue duds of that era.

I found some great ‘65s for my set (including a Lou Brock SP) as well as some other things (2007 Topps Heritage Baseball Derek Jeter SPs). But the best part was talking to people I’ve known in this industry for a long time. Guys and Gals who spend lots of weekends working shows making it possible for people like me to get a chance to pursue my passion. A person can get lost at a trading card show and I don’t mean physically…there is something to be said for memories, both old and new. And on this past Saturday I said hello to a few old cardboard friends (including a 1969 Horace Clarke card just like the one I once drew a mustache on) while meeting some new ones as I cracked open a few packs of the brand new 2009 baseball releases.

It was the perfect Saturday.


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