Friday, July 10, 2009

Did you know?

It seems that 2009 is the year of changes and it is no different here at Press Pass.

As some of you may have noticed things have been shaken up a bit when it comes to our products. Everything we are doing this year is bigger and better. There are multiple levels added to our autograph and memorabilia card programs and later this month we are releasing our first ever high end product Press Pass Showcase.

And I am about to offer up a crazy idea that just might change the way you look at trading cards. When you are ripping through Press Pass 2 why don’t you take the time and read some of the interesting facts that are on the back of the base cards?

Press Pass 2 is a great product to do this with because if you are like me, a novice NASCAR fan, it will allow you to learn more about the drivers, the teams and more about the Nationwide series and the Truck series.

Don’t get me wrong I love opening a pack and seeing a great memorabilia card or nice autograph card, but once all the packs are opened I sort the base cards and then sit down and read the back of the cards. I learn something new with every product.

For example did you know that Jeff Burton recently did a guest spot on General Hospital? Or did you know that Carl Edwards has been a licensed pilot since the age of 17? Or that Sam Hornish Jr. is the narrator of “Roary The Racing Car,” a cartoon on PBS Kids Sprout?

You never know what you might learn if you just take the time to stop and look at the base cards.


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val44 said...

I USED to review Press Pass cards for a collectible cards website. Because I wrote a 'less than glowing' review a few months ago, Press Pass has stopped sending cards for me to review. Which is fine...that's their choice. Small-minded and tacky, but their choice... It's just a shame they cannot take any criticism (constructively intended) whatsoever. Oh, well...their product isn't selling as good as it has in the past anyway.