Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dreams do (sort of) come true...

It's 1976. My neighbor Dave is the coolest kid I know. He's 9, plays drums, has a cooler bike, and gets to go to the KISS concert while my parents tell me I am too young to go. My bond with KISS grows stronger as I begin to wear disguises around town to hide my shame. Someday I shall make it to a KISS concert.

Years go by and I still have yet to attend a KISS concert. I am more mature now and, like KISS, no longer rely on masks. It is 1999 and I actually get to meet Gene Simmons - sort of. It's really this guy named Joe who is part of Dressed to Kill - a KISS tribute band.

Well here it is 10 years later and I am back behind the mask! I still haven't made it to my first KISS concert, but I do get to design KISS trading cards!!! Thanks Press Pass!!


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