Thursday, September 2, 2010

The NFL season is almost here!

Are you read for some football? I know I am, I love the beginning of football season. It means the beginning of fall and much better weather, it means my daughter is going back to school (she’s still young enough that likes going back to school) and it means almost every NFL fan has a chance to believe that their team can win the Super Bowl. Some teams in the NFL are clearly better than others and that also means some teams are not quite as good as others. Even with five elite teams and five rebuilding teams that leaves 22 other teams with fans all across the country excited about the possibilities for ending their season in Dallas with the Lombardi Trophy. The 2005 Steelers and 2007 Giants showed that if you make the playoffs then anything is possible including a Super Bowl win. The New York Jets almost followed the same path last year.

Like any other year in the NFL I’m excited about certain things going into the season. How will Brett Favre hold up at age 41? Will the New Orleans Saints be the first team since the New England Patriots to repeat as Super Bowl champions? Is it possible for the Indianapolis Colts to win 12 games again? Most importantly for my western Pennsylvania-based family, can Troy Polamalu stay healthy and return the Pittsburgh Steelers close to the 2008 defense as opposed to the 2009 version.

Only one week to go till the Saints open up the season at the Superdome against the Minnesota Vikings. Here’s to a great NFL season!

Trevor McGregor

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