Thursday, January 20, 2011

Field Fillers

It doesn’t matter if a race car driver has a day off. They won’t take it. Talk about stubborn! *smh* I’m beginning to see this first hand as my boyfriend Jonathan Lovero, aka my Love Muffins (ha) is a dirt track racer. They have to be CONSTANTLY doing something that revolves around speed. Whether its playing video games/simulators from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed or racing go karts on Sunday, the need for speed is something born only to a true race car driver.

It was at the suggestion of up and coming driver and 2011 Press Pass Undiscovered Elements participant Brandon McReynolds to come and check out the latest in local go-kart racing at Field Filler Fairgrounds in Concord, NC. Two Sundays ago, Johnny and I layered our clothes and braved the cold wintry conditions and attended the “JUSTIN BONSIGNORE MOTORSPORTS 51”, the first race in the 2011 year for FFC.

Televised by Weekend Warriors TV, crowds gather behind the Joie of Seating (owned and operated by two-time Busch Series champion, Randy LaJoie) headquarters to watch these karts battle it out. The karts get around this little bullring in about 6.6 seconds. Sponsored by NOS Energy Drink, Weekend Warriors TV and the Joie of Seating, the events at this track are growing more and more with the next race scheduled for Sunday, March 13th.

Tonya Clarkston

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