Thursday, February 3, 2011

Listen, Sympathize and Care…

The more I work in Customer Relations at Press Pass and answer telephone calls from people everyday the more interesting it becomes. I always anticipate what will be on the other end of the phone call – will it be pleasant, will it be an angry customer or a happy customer? Most people would dread answering the phone when it rings and hesitate picking it up. But actually, some days I look forward to it and look forward to helping that person in hopes that they will be satisfied at the end of the call. You can usually tell what the conversation will be like, within their first few words, and in the tone of their voice. The customer can also tell what type of mood the customer relations people are in too; just by the way we answer the phone call or talk to them.

I always try and answer the phone with a smile or at least an upbeat voice.
It’s interesting to know how many different personalities there are out there, dealing with NASCAR trading cards and die-cast each day. I sometimes wonder how many are really into the collecting of our trading cards and how many years they have done so. It’s kind of like making new friends or relationships that will continue for years with Press Pass - which is important to our company. So it’s important for me to sympathize, listen and care about what they have to say. It always works better than getting upset or frustrated or answering the phone like you’re having a bad day.

I’m learning that trading card redemptions are a big deal for some who are avid collectors - and not so much for others. Most just want some results for their card or money spent, while others want that specific card and nothing else! It’s nice to know that on most occasions, I can finish the call and know that the person is satisfied and happy. It is rewarding to me that I have left our customer feeling good, and that their issue or problem has been solved to their satisfaction. I enjoy being a member of our Press Pass Customer Relations Department. Hum, what will tomorrow hold? Who will I have the pleasure of speaking with? Will it be you?

Have a great day!
Lisa Shelby

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